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Located in the South (Var), travels throughout the PACA region and in FRANCE Travel expenses and / or accommodation are the responsibility of the couple (calculated via MAPPY)

Complete organization


  • Discovery & presentation of the wedding project

  • Advice and support throughout the preparations

  • Define, construct and monitor budget (expenditures) and supplier quotes

  • Monthly appointments and retro-planning

  • Technical and logistical visit of the place

  • Management of surprises and animations

  • Organization and presence of the brunch or wedding organization over several days

  • Coordination of the day



  • Design of scenography 

Service providers

  • Research and management of providers

  • Accompaniment of the providers' appointments

  • Coordination of Beneficiaries before and day of wedding

Concierge services

  • Management of married accommodation day

  • Guest Accommodation Management

  • Management of guest arrivals from the airport

  • Follow-up of returns answers invitations 

Explanations in detail : 


RDV Discovery and presentation of the wedding plan:

After a first contact by telephone or mail, we set up a discovery appointment (without commitment) to define together your needs and expectations of the marriage at your convenience at home or in a place to which you particularly care (possibility by Skype also usually last 2 hours ).

We will discuss all your desires, visions of each wedding, tastes, ideas, number of guests, budget ... I answer all your questions and make flee your doubts. This allows us to know ourselves also :-) I leave from our rdv always excited and delighted :-) with all the information necessary for you to set up a wedding project, incorporating all the service providers that perfectly meet your expectations. This project is a detailed book that I then present to you during the second meeting. This second wedding project rdv always promises as one: "Whouaaaahhh", we leaf together and I answer each of your questions. This marriage project allows you to trust me and project you with the services that I have selected for you according to your expectations. Is the budget respected? What are the payment methods ? Is your Wedding Planner service included in this budget? Everything is detailed in it :) Conquered? You hire me and it's gone for a nice adventure that is yours :)

Mademoiselle Events will present to you the best providers targeted in relation to your request, the agency will accompany you to make you meet these providers (between 1 and 5 providers by category: caterers, photographers, dress shops, Florists ...). The agency advises the couple on the various points that are advantageous for the couple, but in no case the agency negotiates all rates with its service providers but requires a quality service to match its price. The couple has the details of each quote and in total transparency, the agency does not take any commission.

Advice and support throughout the preparations:

I advise you and am available throughout the wedding preparations


Define, construct and monitor the budget (expenditure) and supplier quotes:

We prepare a budget estimate and realized at the end of the wedding together and I write you in tabular form your expenses with each benefit as well as the follow-up over the months, you know exactly the situation of your budget. Each quote from providers is mentioned.

Monthly appointments and back-planning:

The monthly meetings make it possible to take stock of the evolution of the preparations, tools of follow-up of retro-planning are put at your disposal to interact with me on the advanced.

Technical visit and logistics of the place:

A visit is imposed to all the main providers in order to make a recap together before the wedding at the place of reception (with or without the bride and groom)


Management of surprises and animations:

I manage the surprises and animations of your guests (timing in the evening, connection with the dj, reception place)

Organization and presence at the Brunch:

Complete organization of the brunch (with the place, the caterer, planning ...) and presence


Presence on Day :

Presence for the smooth running of the wedding and make sure that everything goes well for you, having followed the wedding throughout the preparations, it is important for me to be present on D-Day and for you too :-).


Design of the scenography:

We put in place boards of inspirations of photographs, themes, ideas you have, tastes, design of your future decoration: flowers, woods, ribbons, balloons, sequins, knots, garlands, lights ...

Research and management of providers:

We select the service providers that correspond perfectly to your expectations (in terms of taste, budget ...) and especially because we know their quality of work :)

Accompaniment during service appointments:

I will accompany you during your rdv (to advise you: caterer, fitting of the dress and costume, photographer ...)


Coordination of beneficiaries before and during wedding: Each provider has its frame of the marriage hour by hour and the indications. I am charged to have them follow it correctly.


Management of groom / guest accommodation: I advise you on places of accommodation, and takes reservation in your name as well as upon your arrival at the airport, a takeover is carried out day Trips / Guest.

I book your rental car on your behalf and make sure that your transportation between the town hall and the reception area goes well as well as your return to the hotel (the bride and groom).

Follow-up of returns answers invitations: We manage the returns of your invitations in a table form together so that you can re-launch the missing ones.

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